Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wonders of Packing Tape, Part 2

Here is my second pass at fracturing a floral using my packing tape. I was never one to explore texture--especially if it meant damaging my paper. Now I just feel the need to move on and do something different. 

Here I have relied on sharpening the end of a paint brush in my pencil sharpener, dipping it in purple paint and using that to draw with. There are some dots of oil pastel in the lower right and some shaved watercolor pencil in other places.


Ken Goldman said...

Got your book yesterday and read practically all of it on the stationary bike in the AM. I love it; so simple and well written. I already used your Postal tape technique on a problematic figure painting's hand. The stages of my correction are up on the blog now.
You should be very proud of this book. I imagine it has set a lot of artists free.

Thank you,

David Patterson said...

I love this your Impressionistic style!