Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Content--Recording Today's World

After seeing one of Jane Filer's paintings in an Asheville, NC gallery, I began wondering what I could do with her images of pillars. So this painting began with the notion that the pillars of society are failing us. Drawing my center house on those pillars was exhilarating. But building the neighborhood around him became the ultimate challenge for my crazy brain. What do you see? Where was I going with these ideas? How can you make ideas into images?


Angela said...

I love your idea, your composition and your colors!

Your ramshackle houses about to fall off of those pillars instantly brings to mind the state of the economy (especially with how much of the disaster has been focused on the housing market of course), but also, with their warm colors and 'could-be-anybody's" look to them they bring to mind how much this thing is really hitting us all so deeply at home vs. just being something talked about on News Programs and in Political forums.

But, what I espcially love about it is that it still looks whimsical and bright and just works as a painting - not just as a statement.

Ken Goldman said...

I just love the way this turned out. The extra 2 fish and your signature add so much. There is a really strong glow to the overall composition; its an eye catcher and I predict an award.

Constance said...

Sue this is a brilliant piece.
Since everyone operates from their own center of truth-- the title (to make it meaningful to all) could be obscure.
To make (the title) politically fall into one column or another instead of from the whole--- would diminish the work.
There is enough out there to divide us. I say DO NOT DIVIDE and CONQUER. ;-)

Christine's Arts said...

I love your art. So bright and very well done. I'd like to check back too, so I'm following!