Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Look, Line and Fun

We had a wonderful trip to Boston a couple of weeks ago. One alley combined all that I look for when I hit a city. What is NEW in that area's art? What can I learn from this art? How do they use line--my latest passion? 

This graffiti was a small part of a long alley full of great images. While I have rearranged many of the elements, some of them are developed from my studying the rest of the alley. The black lines, done with those large magic markers, they pull together a very disparate painting. 

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Ken Goldman said...

Sue, I like the close up very much. Obviously you learned how to enlarge photos! Thanks to Stephanie, I now have my blog set up to automatically alert me to your latest posts. Can't wait to see more.

I don't mind the grey area in the center.; I see that as a challenge against the norm which is balanced nicely by the other elements all around it. Ken