Thursday, January 29, 2009

Testing Various Surfaces

These past months I have been working on a variety of canvases, Yupo, and boards. What am I looking for? An opportunity to appreciate opaque paints. For years, actually decades, I have enjoyed the pure stained-glass look of clear watercolor, and I thought of opacity as a crutch for corrections. But opaque areas are really another dimension in the continuum of paint surfaces. 

In this piece, "Yellow Slippers" 12 x 12, I'm trying out my new linen canvas. It both acts as a mid-tone and neutralizes the first layers of acrylic paint. Brighter areas take a second or third application to bring up. Pattern is also a new and exciting addition to my repertoire. You never stop learning and experimenting when you are an artist. Just keep on painting.


Ken Goldman said...

I especially like looking at this design enlarged where it is easy to see the way the first layers get absorbed and the tone of the linen shows through. Great design Sue!

Susan Webb Tregay NWS said...

Thanks, Ken.

Mike said...

Nice one, Sue!